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Prestigious symmetric audio stereo cable Limited Edition assembled in France Very high quality and highly deoxygenated silver (OCC) conductors, 2 separated conductors (1 mono strands for hot point, 1 mono strands for cold point), twisted conductors (decrease of the linear inductance), insulation of conductors with ≪Hollow tubes≫ (anti-vibration and capacitive effect reduced), very strong section, metallic monoblock plugs with ClickLock®, gold contacts, 2 XLR male plugs / 2 XLR female plugs. 

An antivibration nylon braiding and a high density braiding of the mass, an aluminum strip, a double isolating PTFE and Hollow Tubes of low capacitive effect, provide a foolproof isolation of the transported signal. Solid Twistlock plugs for a perfect holding throughout the time. 

Everything is gathered in order to offer a very detailed and data rich sound message in the high frequencies, thanks to the OCC silver mono strands, without spoiling the bass which maintains all its dynamic. The medium is remarkably open and accurate, and the sound image ensures an incredible opening. 

Ref. CHENONCEAU XLR ❘ 1.00 m