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Speaker Cable
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Very high fidelity speaker cable 99.99% oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors, strands in 2 different sections (TDC), optimized for bi-wiring and bi-amplification in 2 separate conductors for each channel (1 multi strand braid for the bass and 1 braiding in 7 groups of small strands for the midrange-treble), insulation of the conductors with "Hollow tubes" (anti-vibration and low capacitive effect), round outer sheath for easier stripping. 

The combination of TDC and bi-wiring brings very deep and dynamic bass, combined with an excellent sound image and a large side opening. The presence and definition of the midrange-treble register (voice, instruments, etc..) is also enhanced. Ref. BWOFC250R | equiv. 2.50 mm2 | 50 m Ref. BWOFC400R | equiv. 4.00 mm2 | 30 m Ref. BWOFC250R/3M | equiv. 2.50 mm2 | 2 x 3 m | assembled cable (banana or BFA optional plugs) 

Ref. BWOFC400R/3M | equiv. 4.00 mm2 | 2 x 3 m | assembled cable (splitters + banana plugs) Made to measure cable, on request