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Prestigious speaker cable Tri-metal conductors made of oxygen free copper (OFC), silver (SPC) and highly deoxygenated copper (OCC), strands in 6 different sections (TDC), braiding in 6 separate conductors for each channel (4 large OCC mono strands for the bass, 12 OFC mono strands for the high bass, 32 OFC multi strands for mid-bass, 65 OFC multi strands for the midrange, 1 braiding in 7 groups of very fine OFC strands for the high-midrange and 1 braiding in 7 groups of very fine silver strands for the treble), optimized for bi-wiring and tri-wiring, Quasi-Litz-type manufacturing, twisted conductors (reduction of the linear inductance), insulation of conductors with "Hollow tubes" (anti-vibration and capacitive effect reduced), smoked round outer sheathing. 

The combination of the best Real Cable® technologies for audio transmission without compromise. The TDC is here pushed to its climax with the use of 6 different conductors. Each frequency type has its dedicated channel without disturbing the others. In order to perfect the transparency and enable the strong currents of low frequencies to pass with minimum losses, the dedicated channel is made of OCC copper. 

In the same vein, the channel dedicated to treble is made of silver for linear recovery up to the very high frequencies to meet the new sound formats in studio quality (LPCM 192 kHz/24-bit and Flac 96 kHz/24-bit). Each conductor is designed to have the same impedance with strands of different sections. This combination ensures consistency, balance and transparency. As a bonus, the groups of positive and negative conductors are separated by air through the "Hollow tube" to minimize the capacitive effect and twisted to reduce linear inductance. 

The acoustic loudspeakers thus work without elements of interference between the amplifier and internal filters. Result, the lesser details are fully etranscribed. The sound in its entirety is a surprising richness. The sound image is well spaced and overall, very broad. The bass reaches a remarkable quality and definition. The midrange gains in fineness and range. Finally the treble is airy, precise and very fine. 

Ref. HDTDCOCC600 | equiv. 6.00 mm2 | 30 m 
Ref. HDTDCOCC600/3M | equiv. 6.00 mm2 | 2 x 3 m | assembled cable (splitters + plugs) Made to measure cable, on request