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ARK MX+ is a 32 bit/192KHz USB D/A converter which has been created for modern leisure lifestyle. It is advanced in design, powerful in functions and precise in musical representation.
Based on ActiveUSB™, AFN402™, Alire™, Purer-Power™, self-adapt upsampling circuit and other innovative patents solely owned by AURALiC, ARK MX+ will enable its user to fully enjoy the musical beauty by perfectly replaying the Hi-Rez format music and discovering every detail of the original recordings. In the mean time, AURALiC is operating under very strict examining system. It not only pays special attention to the testing and selection of key components, but also focuses on the subjective evaluation of products. Every single product is listened and checked over very carefully by the designer before delivery to our customers.
For us, ARK MX+ is an artistic work that bears our dream and glory. Restless technical innovation, meticulous working attitude together with perfect manufacturing requirements are to spare no efforts from us to make your private music hall better than ever.
AURALiC Sanctuary Audio Processor
The heart of ARK MX+ is the AURALiC Sanctuary audio processor, which is jointly made by AURALiC and its technical partner: Archwave AG in Swiss. Sanctuary is based on the powerful multi-core ARM architecture, with the calculating capability as high as 1000MIPS, it could handle 32Bbit/192KHz multi-channel real-time audio stream.
Resorting to the ActiveUSB™ technology from AURALiC, ARK MX+ has overcome the transmission limitation from traditional Asynchronous USB which could only adjust +/- one clock cycle error of data package in isochronous clock. With mass data buffer technology and multi-stage, high resolution PLL circuit, ARK MX+ could buffer audio stream as long as 2 seconds, which could prevent time-based jitter resulted from the limitation of computer.
Self-adapted Upsampling Circuit
Upsampling to higher sample rates make improvements to fine detail, sound stage depth and image separation. The self-adapted upsampling circuit inside ARK MX+ could automatically choose the best upsampling ratio, it could convert 44.1 KHz & 88.2KHz to 176.4KHz or 48KHZ & 96KHz to 192KHz. Such self-judgment uses proprietary interpolation technology to provide the highest possible fidelity at all sampling rates from 44.1KHz to 192KHz so as to precisely restore the originality of music by avoiding the signal distortion from non-integer upsampling algorithm.
Low Noise DC Amplification Circuit
ARK MX+’s analog circuit adopts low noise DC amplification circuit designed by AURALiC. All the components have been manually examined and preciously matched. Low noise DC amplification circuit is the working fruit from out engineering team after long-term design and optimization. It is low in noise and distortion but wide in dynamic range. Moreover, since there is no couple capacitance in signal path, the purity of audio signal could be ensured; thus, the replay of music turns out to be naturally alive and silky smooth.
  • Specification
Frequency response
DC - 20KHz, +/- 0.1 dB
<0.0005%, 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBFS
Dynamic range
124dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted
Output port
Balanced analog output, 4Vrms
Single-ended analog output, 2Vrms
AES/EBU Digital Output*
Input port
1*USB 2.0 Input** (44.1KHz-192KHz, up to 32Bit)
1*Coaxial Digital Input (44.1KHz-192KHz up to 24Bit)
Power dissipation
Appox. 20W
11''W x 9''D x 2.6''H (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)
12 pounds (5.5kg)