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With this new CD player, PLINIUS demonstrates its passion for continuous improvement in everything we do while staying true to the core beliefs that drive us.

The Mauri maintains PLINIUS' trademark track display function. Distinctive and sometimes called quirky, the history to this design is that you get the information you want when playing a CD without a distracting display and light show that is both potentially noisy (electrically) and only practically useful from 120cm away. The distinctive array of LEDs show what track is playing and how far through the CD you are; rather like looking down on a vinyl record as the arm moves across the tracks.

The Mauri has a different transport than the CD-101, subtle improvements to the analogue circuits, reduced wiring, improved connectors and a new custom designed transformer. It retains the highly acclaimed DAC from the CD-101 that has high quality Burr Brown components and local voltage regulation. The CD-101 won several awards for its musicality and we want to keep giving you the same level experience or better.

It goes without saying that the Mauri has a superb finish to the brushed anodised finish typical of all the products in the PLINIUS range.