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TOKO Digital Audio Player
Music Server
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Few people just listen to music, they engage with it. Music can change your emotions, lift your spirits, provide inspiration, re-energise you or leave you melancholy. So yes it's important, and with something that can have such powerful influences over how you feel, you need to be sure that you trust the people that reproduce it for you.

Great advances in digital technology have allowed a lot of data to be stored, accessed and distributed in very convenient ways, but often without much attention to the quality of the output that reaches your ears. Now with the PLINIUS Tiki and Toko you can access stored digital files yet still retain the integrity and quality of great sound reproduction that you have come to expect from your traditional source materials.

With the Toko in your system you also have the convenience of being able to drop an old favourite CD into the slot and be listening to it without even needing to press a button.