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KIOKIO Power Amplifier
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KIOKIO Power Amplifier
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The Plinius Kiokio power amplifier will deliver sustained unbridled performance of full orchestra pieces yet miss no subtle detail in haunting solo vocals. As a two channel amplifier it will drive any speaker arrangement with consummate ease and in a multi amplifier configuration it will deliver performance and power beyond your expectations.

Visually the simplified heatsink design and removal of some classic Plinius detailing results in a more austere look than its stable mates. This hints at its origins as a design for the high end home theatre market and is suitable for standard 19U rack installations.

The Kiokio power amplifier has a full array of input and output Þttings and is capable of delivering in excess of 300 WPC into an 8-ohm load. It will drive the most demanding speaker arrays with total ease and conÞdence and is fully protected by internal safety features.

All Plinius products are renowned for their reliability but as a result of this professional industry design background the Kiokio is a workhorse that will perform reliably under the most demanding conditions expected by professional users and installers. Meanwhile the clean-cut elegance and superb finish means it is completely at home in a high-end two channel environment.