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Integrated Amp.
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MAESTRO settanta REV2.0: masterpiece!

The new Maestro Settanta REV2.0 is based on the previous famous revision that has conquered a lot of audiophiles all over the world thanks to its incredibly high quality audio properties. The new revision has been carried out to further increase the unit's musical value and functionality. The modifications made have been introduced to create along with the Maestro 192/24 CD Player REV2.0 a consistent and perfectly matched audio chain.

The main differences the REV2.0 has compared to the previous revision are:

Pre stage: the circuit has substantially remained the same but the values of the components have been changed for better performance, especially increasing the "speed".

Power stage: we have changed the compensation method of the stage to have a better THD + N and changed the values of some of the components to increase the speed.

The REV2.0 has a true balanced input.

The phono preamplifier has been modified and improved.

The REV2.0 has a main power supply switch.

The REV2.0 has a new very smart and reliable VFD technology display (black background and white characters).

  • Specification
Dimensions : 5,3 x 17,5 x 16,8 "

Weight :

39,5 Lbs 

Line gain :

12 dB

Power Amp Gain :

26 dB

Phono Gain :

60 dB (MM) / 80 dB (MC) 

Line input impedance :

40 KOhm   

Phono Input Impedence :

56 KOhm (MM) / 100 Ohm (MC)

Frequency response :

> 100 KHz 

Noise Leve :

-100 dBV


104 dB

Output power :

70W / 8Ohm p.c.
125W / 4Ohm p.c. 

Inputs : 

5 Unbalanced Inputs + 1 Balanced Input + 1 Phono Input 

Outputs : 

Pre Out + Rec Out