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High performance Preamplifier With Virtual Battery Supply

The new Bellini Virtual Battery REV2.0 preamplifier represents a quantum leap for Audio Analogue’s composers line, in sound quality, manufacturing and assembly perfection, look & style and performances, yet retaining the famous family look and ease of use.

The elegant yet sober appearance of the Bellini Virtual Battery REV2.0 will allow for a discrete placement in every domestic environment, with both classic style or modern furniture.

The new, totally remote-controlled discrete components circuit deliver clean, crystal-clear with bandwidth and dynamics that meet the requirements from the new high-resolution digital sources.

The unique off-line virtual battery supply, improved version of the one already introduced with the Aria phono preamplifier, ensures an absolute immunity to every disturbance that could come from the mains through the power transformer’s and regulators’ parasytic capacitances.

The high-performance discrete components preamplifier circuit operates a perfect interface between the integrated bufferless resistor network potentiomenter and the power amp’s input, contributing to the balanced sound of the amplifier. Solid state input selectors allow for indefinite best quality performance (no sound detriment due to metallic contacts ageing and wear-out).

The special line/phono input can be set to operate as a phono MM input, phono MC, or even line. It uses the samerefined, high-dynamics circuit as the Aria phono preamplifier and gives user the maximum flexibility to set the interface to the cartridge and the gain.

The balanced input and the quadruple outputs (two single-ended sets and two balanced sets) allow for a universal interface capability and passive bi-amping. A 12V trigger output allows for slaveing the power amplifier or any other equipment switching to the Bellini Virtual Battery REV2.0: all the system can be turned on and off using the preamplifier’s remote.

A special bypass feature, selectable by remote’s “setup” option, allows the user to turn the Bellini Virtual Battery REV2.0 in a straight line from a specified input to the outputs, to include the preamplifier in a multichannel system in which the related power amplifier is used to drive the front speakers, while using the same speakers for two channel listening using the stereo sources connected to the preamplifier.

The seven-keys solid brass remote control allows for a more flexible control of the Bellini VB. Of course, all the main features of the amplifiers can be used by the front panel’s simple controls.

Great care has been used in the passive and active components selection, as usual for Audio Analogue.

  • Specification
Dimensions : 3,3 x 17,5 x 15,3 " 

Weight :

21,4 Lbs   

Max Voltage Out Single Ended :

9 Vrms 

Max Voltage Out Balanced :

18 Vrms 

Line gain :

12 dB 

Phono gain (MM) :

60 dB (MM) 

Phono gain (MC) adjustable :

from 70 dB to 90 dB (MC)

Line input impedance :

40 KOhm

Line gain :

6 dB 

Phono input impedance :

47 kOhm + 220 pF adjustable by external calibrated plugs 

Frequency response :

> 100 KHz 

Noise level :

-125 dBV 

5 Unbalanced Inputs / 1 Phono Input + 1 Balanced Input 

2 Unbalanced Outputs + 2 Balanced Output + Tape Out + Trigger Out