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PAGANINI 192/24 REV2.0

speed and detail:

the latest technology in digital to analog conversion combined with a high speed, low noise output stage.

The CD Mechanism used is the Teac CD-5010A specifically developped for high end audio applications. it is characterized by a low jitter level on the S/PDIF output and by a very sturdy reading procedure.

The leading-edge digital-to-analog conversion section is based on the extraordinary AD1896 sample rate converter that feeds a AKM D/A converter based on a very stable clock oscillator. The AKM S/PDIF transceiver receives the data from the transport and bufferizes them to eliminate any jitter. Then, data are both delivered to the sample rate converter and retransmitted to the S/PDIF digital output. 

The output buffer/filter is based on high-speed lownoise op-amps and uses the best components in the filter section. 

The huge power supply is based on six separate supply lines fed by a toroidal transformer, completed by the SMSP supply that gives power to the control section.

The front panel features a new LCD display with high contrast and low power consumption, for reduced EMI towards the analog stages. The smart keyboard allows for main features control, while complete access to the CD player’s functionality is allowd by the seven-keys solid brass remote control.

Great care has been used in the passive and active components selection, as usual for Audio Analogue.

  • Specification
Dimensions : 3,3 x 17,5 x 15,0 " 

Weight :

22,9 Lbs

D/A Section

Transceiver :

AK4114 192KHz/24bit - Asahi Kasei 

Sample Rate Converter :

AD1896 192KHz/24bit - Analog Devices 


AK4395 192KHz/24bit - Asahi Kasei 

THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs :

<0,003 % 

THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs :

<0,003 % 

Dynamic range :

99 dB 

Noise level :

-140 dBV

Output Level :


Digital Output :


Unbalanced Output 

CD Mechanism TEAC CD-5010A