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MAESTRO 192/24 REV2.0

MAESTRO CD 192/24 REV2.0: masterpiece!

Maestro CD 192/24 REV2.0 provides circuital solutions with no compromises and features capable to satisfy  advanced users’ demands. We built our CD player with highperformance circuits, 192kHz/24 bit D/A conversion system, function-based and channel-based circuit sections, PC and house-automation systems connection, high-contrast VFD display, optimized output for maximum sound transparency and quality.

Refined power supply with two transformers (one toroidal) and eight separated set-up sections.
High-performance 192KHz/24bit D/A converter.
Low-jitter, sample-rate converter. 
Analogical circuits with separated components. 
Highest-quality passive components.
Lowest-tolerance metallic layered resisters (MIL standard).
Low-tolerance, non-polarized polyester/propylene capacitors.
High-speed, low-loss, high capacity electrolytic capacitors and organic-electrolyte, low-capacity electrolytic capacitors. 
Multiple source system control: front panel, IR remote control, RS-232 interface. Microcontroller system control.

  • Specification
D/A Section 
Dimensions : 5,3 x 17,5 x 15,5 " 

Weight :

29,5 Lbs 

Transceiver :

AK4114 192KHz/24bit - Asahi Kasei 

Sample Rate Converter (SRC) :

AD1896 192KHz/24bit - Analog Devices


AD1955 192KHz/24bit - Analog Devices 

THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs :

<0,001 % 

THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs :

<0,003 % 

Dynamic range :

98 dB  

Noise level :

-140 dBV

Output Level :


Output Level (Balanced Output) :

6,0 Vrms maximum 

Digital Output 


Unbalanced/Balanced Output 

CD Mechanism TEAC CD-5010A