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Emit M15C
Center Speakers
Compact center channel loudspeaker with angled plinth
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Ultra-compact center channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a highly-refined sonic character. The Dynaudio
Emit M15 C center channel loudspeaker offers a combination of compact dimensions, making it relatively easy to position, and
the same advanced Dynaudio technologies incorporated into the new Emit series models. Thus extremely refined multichannel
systems can be configured from various combinations of Dynaudio Emit series models, which will deliver true high-end
sound quality and represent the greatest level of value in the price category.
The Emit M15 C delivers a natural midrange character, exceptionally detailed and clear high frequency reproduction, and
sincredibly low distortion; the same sonic characteristics of the other models in the new Emit series. Its driver compliment is
comprised of a 28 mm soft dome tweeter and dual 11 cm MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/bass drivers, and the M15 C
seamlessly integrates with any of the models in the Emit series to deliver a perfectly homogenous sound across all channels.
The high-grade crossover components and 4-6 ohm impedance of the M15 C make it easy to drive for any amplifier or
AV receiver. The Emit M15 C is supplied with a detachable metal plinth that facilitates angling the speaker’s dispersion upward
or downward towards the listening area