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The Dynaudio DM Center loudspeaker
Ultra-compact center channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a high level of sound quality The DM Center combines compact size with high quality Dynaudio driver technology. In a center channel loudspeaker, undistorted, clean, clear reproduction of midrange and high frequencies is especially crucial. Therefore, the DM Center is equipped with the renowned Dynaudio coated soft-dome tweeter and two special 4.3 inch (11 cm) MSP mid/bass drivers. The DM Center is the ideal addition to a DM home theatre setup, for example with the DM 3/7 floor-standing or DM 2/7 compact loudspeakers in front, and the compact DM 2/6 model as rear speakers.
For a slightly upward-radiating sound dispersion, the DM Center includes an integrated angled metal plinth to position the speaker on a sideboard, shelf or any flat surface below the screen. The plinth is detachable in the event space is limited. A highly-rigid, low-resonance cabinet construction further enhances the advanced sound quality – regardless of placement or position. With high-quality crossover components, a linear constant impedance and 86 dB sensitivity, the DM Center can be mated to a wide range of AV receivers. To facilitate the most cost effective solution, only two finishes are offered in the Dynaudio DM series: either rosewood or black ash high-quality laminates. While making the cabinet surface of the DM Center extremely robust and durable, the furniture-grade quality of the laminate provides an elegant, wood-like finish.
- The first center channel model in the entry-level Dynaudio DM series
- 2-way-design featuring ultra-compact drivers
- Two 4.3 inch mid/bass drivers featuring MSP cone and aluminium voice coil
- Low-resonance die-cast aluminium driver baskets
- 28 mm coated soft-dome tweeter
- Available in high-quality rosewood and black ash laminate finishes
  • Specification
Sensitivity :
86 dB
IEC Power Handling :
> 150 watts
Impedance :
4 Ohms
Frequency Response :
60 Hz – 23 kHz  
Int. Cabinet volume :
7.5 litres
Bass principle :
2-way Bass Reflex
Crossover Frequency :
1800 Hz
Crossover Slope :
Woofer: 6-12 dB/oct
Tweeter: 12 dB/oct
Weight :
7.0 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) :
500 x 130 x 210 mm