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Such an inimitable loudspeaker can only come from an authentic loudspeaker specialist: The Consequence Ultimate Edition by Dynaudio.

The unparalleled musicality of this exceptional loudspeaker is audible from the first moment. With a previously unrealized soundstage expanse, an incredible low frequency extension and an astonishing resolution of even the most minute detail. The Consequence Ultimate Edition is a statement for absolute music reproduction.

Only an authentic loudspeaker specialist like Dynaudio owns the vast knowledge of over 30 years experience and a complete understanding of music reproduction at the highest level of quality. And only such a loudspeaker specialist as Dynaudio is able to fully realize a loudspeaker of this class with its own development and manufacturing ?to truly create a Consequence Ultimate Edition.

The basis of this definitive loudspeaker concept dates back to 1984: The original Dynaudio Consequence model had been decades ahead of the prevalent loudspeaker technology of the time and set new music reproduction performance benchmarks by addressing issues such as phase and time-domain coherence, driver propagation and dispersion, and the effects of resonance
A wide range of dynamic bandwidth at the highest level of sonic neutrality and the lowest possible distortion, even at higher volume levels, is essential for an authentic reproduction of music. The Consequence Ultimate Edition features a sophisticated, extremely solid cabinet construction and the innovative, bass-reflexsupported Compound System to eliminate the adverse effects of resonance.

The result of this intricate construction is clearly audible: Even deepest bass notes are dynamically reproduced ?realistically and with impressive accuracy. An additional mid/bass driver and the resonance-minimizing Variovent construction allow an absolutely homogenous reproduction of the entire upper-bass range and thus an unequalled low frequency imaging. Music becomes a wholly perceptible, emotional experience.

The Consequence Ultimate Edition is one of the very few loudspeakers to unconditionally convey the original proportion, dimension and scale of even the most ambitious music ?rendering such with emotion and absolute life-like authenticity.
The Consequence Ultimate Edition amazes with its dynamic deep bass performance, exhibiting both unmatched power and unequalled resolution.

The secret of this bass performance is a very special technology: The unique Compound System. No other loudspeaker manufacturer utilizes this system as effectively as Dynaudio does.

The Consequence Ultimate Edition Compound System consists of two driver components, each perfectly complementing the other and enabling the impossible: A woofer operating in an infinitely-large enclosure. The Consequence뭩 exceptionally large woofer already ensures a deep bass performance with incredible extension.

Via the Compound System, its bass performance is enhanced dramatically. The secret is hidden within the interior of the Consequence: Here, a second woofer is installed ?not visible from outside. This internal woofer offers 꼊ompound loading?to the external woofer, and the finely-tuned performance of these two woofers in tandem enables the outstanding deep-bass performance.
Physics dictate that this level of low-frequency performance would otherwise only be attainable via an infinitely large cabinet enclosure volume
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Technical Specifications

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)      85 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling > 400 W
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB)) 17 Hz ?30 kHz
Crossover Frequencies 800 Hz / 1400 Hz / 2700 Hz / 15000 Hz
System Five-way speaker
Box Principle Vented Compound System
Weight 114 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 1330 x 630 mm

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