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The Dynaudio Stand4 was specifically developed to enable maximum performance from any high quality compact loudspeaker design. The elegant lines and attractive design of the Stand4 offer a much more stylistic approach versus conventional speaker stand constructions. The merit of the Stand4 is more than simply aesthetic; there is a substantial technical foundation upon which the stand is based which provides a qualitative solution void of compromise.
The Stand4 utilizes a unique three-layer sandwich construction in the top and bottom plates - where a special layer of damping material fitted between the steel top and bottom tiers of the plates serves to reduce resonance to an absolute minimum, allowing the speakers to reach their maximum performance capabilities. The bottom plate conceals four height-adjustable spike assemblies that allow precise levelling while providing perfect stability on a variety of floor surfaces. The top plate features a provision for the optional four-cone spike assembly that is recommended by Dynaudio to achieve the highest performance quality from the speakers by further isolating such from resonance while offering a firm and stable platform.

One of the more practical elements of the Stand4 is the intelligent cable management system that allows the speaker cable to be run up from below the base plate assembly through the column to yield a very clean and more elegant visual presentation by keeping the cables hidden from view.
The dual laser-cut steel columns can both be filled with sand or lead shot to easily add mass and weight to the assembly, thus providing additional stability and resonance damping properties to the construction. Available in Silver or Black standard finish, the Stand4 is an ideal performance oriented solution for any high quality compact monitor such as the Audience 52SE.
It was particularly intended to complement the Dynaudio Contour S1.4 and Confidence C1, models which feature plinths pre-threaded to accommodate the stand assembly without the need for the top plate, thus forming a both a very stable foundation and a perfectly homogenous design.

Although identical from a technical point of view when compared to the standard black or silver version of the Stand4, the Chrome version is stunningly finished with high-gloss black top and bottom plates and columns finished in chrome. The end-result, when partnered with speakers such as the Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five model lavishly finished in high-gloss black piano lacquer is simply exquisite.

Height (inch) ca. 25,5
Dimensions Top Plate (inch) 9.3 x 7.5
Dimensions Base Plate (inch) 11.8 x 9.4
Colours Silver, Black, Chrome