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Sub 250
Sub Woofer
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Sub 250

A subwoofer serves to provide more to a system than simply add deep bass.

Incorporating a subwoofer to augment the low frequency performance of any stereo or multi-channel loudspeaker system offers an additional benefit: by reducing the strain on the speakers in terms of reproducing extreme bass information, the overall quality of midrange frequencies and the soundstage reproduction in general are greatly improved. 

The High- Pass filter on the Sub 250 crossover enhances the general performance and imaging of the main speakers by reducing inter-modulation distortion. The SUB 250 model is the most compact sub-bass solution from Dynaudio. 

Utilizing its powerful 10" woofer in a sealed enclosure that measures less than a cubic metric foot, the Sub 250 delivers a very high level of performance in multi-channel or sub/sat applications where only a modest sized subwoofer would fit. 

Incorporating a 200 Watt amplifier, its back panel features a selectable gain setting, a variable Low-Pass Filter (50 Hz to 150 Hz), and a selectable phase switch (0º or 180º). There is one LFE RCA input and output, as well as an RCA SAT/SUB Input and an RCA SAT output. 

The SAT High-Pass Filter is also selectable (Flat, 60 Hz, or 80 Hz). The band-pass filtered inputs and outputs make it perfectly suited as a mate for any of the Dynaudio compact monitors in a high quality sub/sat stereo system, where it would produce a purely audiophile grade performance.

  • Specification

Frequency Response :

29 – 250 Hz (± 3 dB)

Amplifier Power (min.) :

200 W

High-Pass Filter :

Flat / 60 / 80 Hz

Low-Pass Filter :

Flat, 50 – 150 Hz       

Phase adjustment :

0° or 180°

Input/Output :

2 x RCA / 2 x RCA

Box Principle :


Weight :

10.0 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D) :

289 x 294 x 318 mm
11.4 x 11.6 x 12.5"