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Audience 122C
Center Speakers
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The 122C improves upon the C120 without any increase in price. It is magnetically shielded, so it can be correctly placed in the center position near a TV set. The 122C can also be placed on the Audience SUB-30A subwoofer, although use of a subwoofer remains optional depending on the size of the room and the customer's audio requirements.

Equipped with an MDF baffle and internal bracing to combine maximum support for the drivers with minimum resonance, the Audience 122C is housed in an attractive, round-cornered vinyl cabinet lined at the top and bottom with bitumen sheets to improve damping. The cabinet is finished in the same standard Audience finishes as the rest of the line, allowing perfect cosmetic integration.

A newly developed tweeter and updated crossover network further improve performance. The 28-mm soft-dome tweeter is a shielded version of Dynaudio's renowned D260 ESOTEC tweeter and features a 4-mm die-cast front for maximum stiffness and a vented pole piece and rear chamber for excellent transient response. Working with the tweeter are two special 15-cm ESO-TEC woofers with 75-mm aluminum voice coils and one-piece molded diaphragms.

The 122C is precisely voice matched to the new Audience 122 floor stander,which shares the exact same driver complement. The filter is high-frequency impedance corrected for easier amplifier loading, with speaker impedance level set at a minimal 6 ohms. The crossover enables smooth, clean, natural sound reproduction in the transition zone, and ensures that the speaker behaves perfectly across the entire frequency range, with continuous power handling of 200W.

Careful attention has been paid to the horizontal and vertical off-axis response so that the speaker delivers the best possible sound reproductionto several listeners sharing the same listening environment.

Dynaudio has worked especially hard to ensure that phase considerations in the crossover enhance placement options in the listening environment. To adjust the bass output, the port can be fitted with the supplied foam plug if the speaker is placed i a cabinet, on a bookshelf or against a back wall where the wall will boost low frequencies. The foam plug is also useful if the 122C is electrically filtered in com-bination with a subwoofer or if it is working in a surround sound system using products where an inappropriate mixture of frequency responses needs to be corrected to avoid side-effects in the listening room. If the 122C is being used without a subwoofer, the foam plug can be removed to create space behind the speaker to produce a deeper,cleaner sound.

The Audience 122C incorporates all the latest improvements derived from recent research into surround sound. By combining these improvements with a price that represents true value, Dynaudio has created a center channel speaker that delivers spectacular surround sound audio quality.
  • Specification
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m):
86 dB
Recommended Amp. Power:
Small size rooms: >25 watts
Medium size rooms: >65 watts
Large size rooms: >125 watts
IEC Long Term Power Handling:
200 watts
Impedance, Nominal:
6 ohms
Impedance, (20-200 Hz):
3.9 - 10 ohms
Impedance, (200-20 kHz):
3.8 - 9.2 ohms
Impedance, Phase Shift (20-200 Hz):
-31° - +22°
Impedance, Phase Shift (200-20 kHz):
-5° - +28°
Impedance, HF (200 kHz):
8.7 ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB):
46 Hz - 23 kHz
Resonance Frequency:
49 Hz
Internal Cabinet Volume:
17 litres
Bass Principle:
Bass reflex
25.1 lbs (11.4 kg)
Dimensions (W x H x L):
22.5" x 6.5" x 12.6" (570 x 165 x 320 mm)
2 way, impedance corrected
Crossover Frequencies: 2000 Hz
Crossover Slope:
Woofers 6 dB/oct; Tweeter 12 dB/oct
Gold binding posts
Recommended Placing:
Above or below TV-set or on a stand
28 mm soft dome.
Magnetic fluid.
Pure aluminium wire voice coil.
Rear chamber.
2 x 15 cm polypropylene cone.
75 mm pure aluminium wire voice coil.
Front baffle 22 mm MDF.
Port plugs included.
Magnetic shielded.
Bitumen damped enclosure.