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Evidence Platinum
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다인오디오 창립 25년의 기념비적 스피커로 하이엔드 유저를 위하여 기존의 스피커가 갖고 있는 다이나믹 한계의 극복과 고해상도의 진정한 표현력, 자체의 컬러링이 배제된 설계와 매력적인 첨단 디자인으로 제작된 다인오디오 스피커의 새로운 플래그쉽 모델.
  • Product Detail
  The Evidence Master represents a milestone in State-of-the-Art loudspeaker technology and has set new standards in performance and product design.
Unusual is its modular construction: The Evidence Master is comprising of three    individual sections. The two - technically identical - upper and lower sections house the bass drive units, while the middle section contains the midrange and treble drive units and the crossover, the latter which is further isolated within its own individual compartment.

This construction offers a tremendous performance advantage, as each section can be optimized for the differing requirements of precise bass, midrange and high frequency reproduction.
The middle section features a massive CNC-machined solid aluminum baffle which houses two special Dynaudio MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone midrange drivers and two perfectly matched and meticulously selected Dynaudio coated soft-dome tweeters.

The elegant design of the aluminum baffle is a direct result of geometric optimization for absolutely perfect sound dispersion. The mechanical properties of aluminum, in conjunction with the mass of the middle section guarantee perfect resonance control – reproduction of high frequencies remains completely uncolored so even the finest musical details are precisely resolved.
  • Specification
Frequency Responce:20Hz - 26kHz (typical in-room)
27Hz - 26kHz (anecohic chamber)
Max SPL:Est. 126dB (below compression)
Power Handling:>600 Watts RMS (long-term)
Weight:297 lbs. ea.
Dimensions (W x H x D):H 80.70" x W 9.50" x D 22.80"