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전 세계에서 가장 짜릿하고 타협하지 않으며 결과적으로 자연스럽고 뛰어난 스피커 시스템인 Trio에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 유일하고 경쟁자가없는 꿈의 시스템인 Trio는 독특한 예술적 디자인, 독특한 장인 정신. 독특한 최첨단 기술로 집약되어 있습니다.
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Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromised, consequent, natural and outstanding speaker system in the world, the Trio. The one and only Trio. The ultimate dream system with no contenders. Let´s face it: the Trio is unique. Unique in its artistic design. Unique in its craftsmanship. Unique in its State–of–the–Art technology. Unique in its condensed–to–the–max spherical horn architecture. And last but not least: unique in a performance that is impossible to describe, transporting the listener to places far beyond everyday commodities. World off. Music on.

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