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For more than 5 years the in-house amplifiers of Avantgarde Acoustic have succeeded in bringing the virtues of horn speakers to a still growing customer base. Now the amplifier concept was facing the next step of evolution by applying latest research results and technologies. But instead of just renovating, Matthias Ruff, designer of Avantgarde Acoustic, introduced so many new ideas, that finally a new model was born: The MODEL THREE integrated amplifier.

The features include:
- 2 balanced inputs (+3 unbalanced)
- advanced balanced output stage (pre out)
- cascode power stage circuit design
- Black Gate capacitors troughout the signal path
- Near-Zero-Feedback circuitry
- 20 mm aluminium front panel

The balanced inputs provide for connecting highest quality sources in the best possible way. MODEL THREE also features true pre and power amp sections. Thus the fully balanced pre amp output adds extra functionality, as the MODEL THREE may as well serve as a high quality balanced pre amplifier, driving active speakers or power amplifiers.
Near-Zero-Feedback design and top quality parts have been a "must" to optimise resolution and dynamic ease, thus providing untarnished detail, liquid midrange and sweet treble. But a true speciality is the cascode power stage. Usually applied in pre amps and measuring equipment, the cascode circuit widens the bandwidth and increases resolution by clearing out the Miller capacity of the power transistors. Admittedly this limits output power to 38 watts per channel (@ 8 ohms), but at the high efficiency speakers of Avantgarde Acoustic this will be no issue at all, allowing you to fully benfit from this innovative circuit.

As a little deviation from the purist approach, the added cascode circuit also brings a bit more complexity to the circuitry. But apart from the reduction of the Miller effect, it also results in a more natural even-harmonic THD (harmonic distortion) characteristics. Evenharmonic distortions (also known as K2, K4, K6 etc. distortions) are noted for causing the extra “sweetness” of some tube amp designs.

The power supply is built from a high quality toroidal transformer, both magnetically and statically shielded. It features a total of 7 individual secondary windings, thus providing excellent and clean power to dedicated parts of the circuit. Power capacitors are “slit foil” types, known for short recovery time and high instantaneous current output.

The MODEL THREE amplifier features a conventionally sized 17 inch cabinet, being compatible with most normally sized equipment on the market. Its stylish front plate is made from a 20 mm solid aluminium block, featuring a large central analog display, indicating VOLUME and INPUT. The rotary controls are also machined from solid aluminium and feature a handy knurled surface – for great looks and great feel.

The MODEL THREE is a pure stereo line amplifier, which can also be integrated into home theatres by an internal AV-Direct configuration of input 5. It comes with a simple and robust remote controll handset for volume attenuation and MUTE function, made from powder coated aluminium.
  • Specification
INPUTS 3 x audio (unbalanced)
2 x audio (balanced)

optional (internally configurable):
1 x audio AV-Direct (unbalnced)
(bridging volume potentiometer)
OUTPUTS 1 x record line out (unbalanced)
1 x preamp line out (balanced)
1 x speaker output (stereo)
Signal/noise ratio 86 dB
Power output Class A (2 x 0.4 Watt @ 8 Ohm)
Class AB (2 x 38 Watt @ 8 Ohm)
Max. Power consumption 130 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH) (437 x 425 x 77 mm)
Remote Control Included (volume + mute)
Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)