Speaker Cable
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High fidelity speaker cable 99.99% oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors, very fine strands, HSCC (High Spec Copper Conductor) braiding, progressive double insulation (PP insulation gradient), several available sections, flexible white sheathing. Locating by sheathing's shape. 

Available in assembled version with multi contacts banana plugs. Very dynamic and fluid sound, with a very homogeneous sound image and above all a more precise bass thanks to HSCC. 

Ref. CBV130016 | equiv. 2.50 mm2 | 60 m Ref. CBV130016/3M | equiv. 2.50 mm2 | 2 x 3 m | assembled cable 

Ref. CBV260016 | equiv. 5.00 mm2 | 60 m Ref. CBV260016/3M | equiv. 5.00 mm2 | 2 x 3 m | assembled cable Made to measure cable, on request
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