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GAIA is a professional and reliable audio cable with ideal sound property. It come with two connection type: single-ended or balanced for customer to choose. AURALiC design and manufacture the GAIA cable to fulfill the customer needs of connecting any type of audio equipment conveniently and swiftly without hurting the gracefulness from music.
After long-term testing and attentive listening, we have adopted the oxygen-free-cable produced by Gotham AG, a professional manufacture in Switzerland and connectors manufactured by Neutrik AG in Liechtenstein as the raw materials. What’s more to mention, GAIA utilizes special compression techniques in the connection between plug and cable conductor, to be exactly, it connects plug and cable conductor via an external force and strengthen the connection by using silver solder with silver. Such techniques could lead to the shortest length of gap in joints and effectively eliminate the distortion of signal.
With rigorous selection of materials and meticulous design, GAIA could accurately transmit the details in music as well as discover the tiny movement in original signal to enrich the sense of rhythm. GAIA, with a peaceful and smooth musical temperament, will engrave into each audio equipment product and enable the user to taste the special beauty brought by AURALiC.
GAIA audio cable come with single-ended and balance connection and various length as following:
Singled-ended(RCA) Connection
1m, 1.5m and 2m in length
Balanced(XLR) Connection
1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m in length
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