ULTIMO SC Subwoofer
ULTIMO SC Subwoofer
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The same uncompromising dedication to innovation, craftsmanship and sound quality that have made Morel the choice of music aficionados the world over, now brings you the Ultimo SC Subwoofer series.

The ultimate subwoofer technology
Morel has engineered the Ultimo subwoofer series to set new industry standards. The Ultimo series gained worldwide recognition for its high-end, extraordinary combination of musicality and high power handling.

The Ultimo SC is a new member of the Ultimo series. The Ultimo is more than just the deep, loud bass common to most subwoofers it produces a synergy of tight, clean musical and life-like bass reproduction qualities like no other, delivering the ultimate bass experience.

Consistent with Morels philosophy, the Ultimo SC was designed to deliver innovative engineering resulting in extraordinary combination of audiophile bass quality and high power output at a great consumer value. The Ultimo SC employs some of the best technological features of the Ultimo subwoofer such as a gigantic 5.1” Hexatech™ External Voice coil (EVC™), a hexagonal-shaped aluminum coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard subwoofers) that is used for accurate music reproduction and for superior durability and power handling. A highly efficient magnet system – DMM™ Double Magnet ferrite Motor that maximizes the magnetic field (over 90% efficiency).

The Ultimo SC subwoofer employs a unique hybrid paper-carbon fibre composite cone to achieve the extraordinary musicality in SQ application. Its chassis is composed of stamped steel and its power handling is 600WRMS.

Available in 10” and 12” size and offered in a 2ohm or 4ohm version for additional flexibility, all at a competitive price.

Spoil yourself, and hear how bass was meant to sound.
Model Nominal Impedance (ohms) Power Handling (Wrms) Max. Trans.Pwr Handling (10ms) W Sensitiity (2.83V/1M) (dB) Frequency Response (Hz)
ULTIMO SC 122 2 600 2000 90 10-900
ULTIMO SC 124 4 600 2000 89 10-900
ULTIMO SC 102 2 600 2000 88 10-900
ULTIMO SC 104 4 600 2000 87 10-900
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